We Need To Do A Better Job

This is basic stuff, I know, but it seems to me that most people that are for the demise of the Oil & Gas Industry do not understand that energy is not only electricity. We need to make sure that people know that when energy is discussed we are not merely talking about electricity, but all forms of energy including the fuel for your car, the delivery trucks taking food and products to you local stores, the farm tractors used to grow and harvest your fruits and vegetables, the buses that take you across our large cities, the airplanes that take you on vacation and business trips, the natural gas being piped into your home that is used to keep your family warm and to cook your meals, that is being piped into local businesses to be used in their production and so on.

We need to do a better job of getting across the fact that the fossil fuels produced by the Oil & Gas Industry are not only used to generate electricity, but are used to produce thousands of products (link) that allow us to live the lifestyles we do. We need to ask the anti-oil & gas people relevant questions about how they are going to change their lifestyles to match their environmental stance, we need to get them thinking beyond their normal scope. We need to engage people in conversation when they overhear that we work in the Oil & Gas Industry and scoff or roll their eyes, and ask them what they do not like about the industry. We need to explain to people the ways our industry has and continues to improve its environmental impact. We need to do a better job of explaining the positive aspects of the Oil & Gas Industry. I know there are some that think that the Oil & Gas Industry does not need our help, but I think it does.