Why Do You Love Fossil Fuels?

As of today, our lifestyles in America are what they are due to fossil fuels. Coal was the preferred energy source for the steam engines that were used to power the Industrial Revolution. Oil was discovered in Pennsylvania in 1859 and quickly became the preferred energy source due to it being more adaptable and less expensive than coal and whale oil (yes, we were still using whale oil in the mid 1800s). Oil became the basis of an new economy and as technology advanced, the uses for oil and gas expanded exponentially. For more information on the history of Oil: https://www.ektinteractive.com/history-of-oil/

I love fossil fuels. They are the reason I am writing this blog on my laptop (plastics, silicon, etc are made from fossil fuels). They are the reason I can more easily afford to travel the US and explore all of its natural beauty with my family (gas prices are cheaper here than say, Germany where a US gallon of gas costs over $6). The camera I use to capture our family adventures would not exist if not for products made from petroleum. Without fossil fuels we would not have the internet, let alone the devices you use to access it. We would not have the data centers required to connect everyone and everything through the internet and to hold all of our precious memories that we keep in social media. Our lives would be nothing like they currently are without fossil fuels. I cannot imagine what our world would be like if all use of fossil fuels were to stop.

Are fossil fuels perfect? No, of course not. Nothing is. The fact is that the Oil and Gas Industry in America has made major strides in improving it’s environmental impact since I was a child in the 80’s and they continue to do so with the continuous advancement of technology. The current uptick in the demonization of this industry is quite alarming and seems to me to be a tad hypocritical as every person I have seen calling for the demise of the oil and gas industry are still using products that cannot be produced or used without oil and gas and the products made from them.

Tell me why you love Fossil Fuels!